Electronic Health Records And Medical Office Procedures

In the medical office, you will need to order equipment, medication, and supplies before they run out. Your office would not run smoothly without them. You should not order medications that are controlled substances. The Drug Enforcement Agency requires licensed practitioners to have a DEA number to prescribe and order controlled substances. Controlled substances are divided into five schedules (I-V). As a healthcare professional, you should learn all five schedules of controlled substances.

As a healthcare provider, you must check at least every two weeks to see if you have enough supplies to keep your office running smoothly. Review the following supplies that are used most often in the medical office:

Adhesive strips Cotton tip applications Gowns
Distilled Water for the autoclave Alcohol pads Hand soap
Drape sheets Bleach Paper towels
Latex and non-latex gloves Cleaning agents Speculums
Examination paper Cervical Scrapers Sterile gloves
Gauge sponges (2×2 or 4×4) Cotton balls Syringes
Microscope slides and covers Urinalysis multi-dipsticks Tongue depressors
Otoscope covers Thermometer covers Vacutainer tubes

Write a one-page paper explaining the use of at least five of these supplies. Then answer the following questions:

  1. Why is it important to order supplies on time?
  2. List and described the definitions of the controlled substance schedules.
  3. Which of the controlled substance schedules is most likely to be prescribed to patients in a medical office, and why?
  4. Where should those controlled substances be stored, and why?

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