Electoral Performance

Question 1

Select EITHER the People’s National Party (PNP) , OR the Jamaica Labour Party (JLP ) and :

A. Outline the historical development of the political party ( who formed it
and when , where and how it was formed ). (10 marks )

B. With the aid of a diagram ,describe the party’s leadership /organization
structure . ( 10 marks )

C. Explain the main political ideology the political party has promoted
throughout the period of its existence . ( 5 marks )

D. Assess the party’s electoral performance as measured by the number of
elections contested, the number of candidates nominated, votes received,
and seats won etc. ( 10 marks )

E. Examine THREE (3) important contributions of the political party to the
development of Jamaica . (15 marks )

F. The project must include a table of content , introduction , conclusion ,
reference list and appendix . ( 5 marks )

Question 2

QUESTION 1 (35) In relation to the case study, explain the six major forces behind internationalisation that led the path of understanding, conceptualising, and consolidating the natural evolutionary trajectory, in the course of public management discourse, in the twenty – first century.

QUESTION 2 (35) Write an essay on the meaning of the term lobbying, the history of lobbying within governments and the different limitations and advocacy methods that can impact on the ethical considerations of public sector lobbyists.

QUESTION 3 (30) Write an essay on the introduction of virtual organisations into the public sector and the value they can create in improving service delivery within communities.

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