Effects of Virtual Clinics

The assignment is to conduct an Integrative Review (IR) of the literature on the effect of a Virtual Clinic (VC) on Quality Of Life (QOL) of informal and formal caregivers.

In Texas, there are approximately 3,353,000 persons over age 65 (Seniors),1 of which 19% (637,000) are uninsured, the highest percentage of uninsured Seniors in the United States. Of this group of Seniors, 95% live in the community (Independents); of which 30 % live alone,2 while 21.8% are in fair to poor health.3 About 6.4% of Independents (215,000) in the State of Texas, need assistance with management of care from family or friends (Informal Caregivers).4 Others receive care provided under court-ordered guardianships  by “formal caregivers”.

The problem of this study is research has demonstrated with increase in time and level of care for Independents, Informal and formal Caregivers experience a decrease in Quality of Life (QOL). The goal of this study is to determine the effectiveness of a Virtual Clinic (VC) for increasing Informal and formal Caregiver QOL.

The working hypothesis is that a VC will increase Informal and formal Caregiver QOL. The primary expected outcome is increased QOL for Informal and formal Caregivers. The outcomes will have a positive impact on the health of Informal and formal Caregivers, by providing assistance with Dependent care management, while increasing the informal and formal Caregiver QOL.

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