Effective SWOT Analysis

SWOT Analysis

This SWOT analysis looks at the internal strengths and weaknesses compared to the external opportunities and threats, and such analysis can be applied to an organization or a program. Since collaboration is an important attribute of managers and leaders, this project will be considered as a group project involving all members of the class.

For an effective SWOT analysis, there are different components that must be explored. The task is to research to determine the specific aspects to complete the table. This includes the specific trait, where the information was found or verified, and who the involved stakeholders are with that specific trait. The analysis should be as complete as possible. Students will start the work in the in person part of the class. The dure date for the final project will be established in class. This is a group project, and failure to participate as part of the group will result in an incomplete grade until an individual report is completed and submitted.

The template for this analysis is as follows:







Conclusions and Recommendations:

In addition to the SWOT analysis, a group report will be submitted. This report will include the following:

1. The narrative will include the nature of the SWOT analysis, how it is used in planning, and the process for conducting this assessment.

2. This narrative will be a summary of the methodology used to develop the SWOT analysis and should include how assessments were made and how conclusions were reached.

3. The conclusions will provide evidence based recommendations on how this program may be improved. The Discussion Board will be used for group interactions on this project.

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