Educational Problem


The purpose of this assignment is to assist students in identifying and describing an educational problem or issue in a nurse educator setting, as the first step in developing an Education Practicum Project proposal. NOTE: You may not implement your project until Week 5, after your proposal has been approved by your instructor.

Course Outcomes

Through this assignment, the student will demonstrate the ability to do the following.

CO 2: Create a caring environment for achieving quality health outcomes (care-focused).

CO 3: Engage in lifelong personal and professional growth through reflective practice and appreciation of cultural diversity (cultural humility).

CO 4: Integrate professional values through scholarship and service in healthcare (professional identity).

CO 5: Advocate for positive health outcomes through compassionate, evidence-based, collaborative advanced nursing practice (extraordinary nursing).


You begin your Education Practicum Project proposal in this assignment by identifying and describing an educational problem or issue.

  1. The following information should be included in this part of your paper.
    1. Description of the problem or issue
      1. Evidence related to the problem or issue, including statistics if appropriate
      1. Real or potential impact of the issue
    1. Your PICOT question
    1. Choose a theoretical framework to support your project – you can choose from a nursing theory, learning theory, or non-nursing theory.
      1. You can choose from a nursing theory, learning theory, or non-nursing theory.
      1. Briefly describe how this theory supports your project.
    1. A description of your educational intervention. What evidence-based teaching strategy will you use to address your problem or issue?
    1. Summary, including the purpose of the education practicum project paper and what it will include.
  2. The paper should be one to two pages long, plus reference page. This is an estimate to guide you and not a strict requirement. The goal is for you to end up with a 15-page paper, suitable for publication. When you have finished your Education Practicum Project. Please use the Education Practicum Project paper template attached to this assignment to develop your proposal. You will use this document throughout your Education Practicum project.


Preparing the paper

By the beginning of, you should have already identified an educational issue and accumulated several references that will help you develop the introduction to your Education Practicum Project paper. Work with your mentor and instructor to finalize your PICOT question. Impeccable APA formatting is expected since submission for publication is the goal.


Educational Issue

  • New graduates are not prepared for nursing practice


  • nursing residency/orientation for new Graduates

Possible outcomes

  • Staff satisfaction new graduates

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