Education Opportunities

Question 1

“Diversity Case Study” Please respond to the following:

Note: Post a three (3) to five (5) minute video discussion post on the case study below:

  • Imagine that you are the professor in an Introduction to Information Systems course. A very quiet female student who recently arrived from China has been attending, but not participating in, the class. She seems reluctant to look anyone in the eye or to interact with the others in the class. She is being ignored and even ostracized. She is hoping to work in the IT field in this country, where direct communication and eye contact will definitely be needed. As the professor, you need to address the situation and determine whether she is uninterested in the course content or it is a question of cultural norms. Explain the process you would use to determine the cause of the problem. Outline one (1) teaching strategy you would use to handle the situation in your class. Provide a rationale for your strategy.

Question 2

Beyond obtaining your degree, what certifications and/or other continuing education opportunities that are important for you to stay competitive in the job market?

Conduct a search on certification and continuing education opportunities related to your current job or a future job.

Be sure to research the continuing education and credentialing opportunities through the Software Engineering Institute (SEI) with a focus on best practices in software engineering.

Write a 1- to 1.5-page paper describing some continuing education opportunities that could enhance your career. Cite specific examples.

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