Economic System Inequality

Formal argumentative research paper about wages, and economic system inequality between men and women. MLA format. 9 pages long plus works cited page, using at least 8 sources, two of which must be primary sources , and two of which must come from the the two selected sources below: (all sources need to be credible and not outdated)

You need a thesis statement. Should have a plan of development. The thesis needs to be easy to find and to explain in specific, concrete detail the scope and importance of the argument. Must take a position some people will dispute. Not just argue your position, but that you take time to refute the strongest arguments against you.

1. Cite every source.

3. Use attributions—connect every quote to one of your own sentences and tell me why the person’s opinion should matter to me—usually this means telling me what qualifies them.

4. If you use a quote—find out where it comes from—don’t cite from quote sites like BrainyQuote and don’t cite from Wikipedia.

5. Include rebuttal and refute

6. Have a works cited page & the sources in it should match those used in the body of your paper.

7. You need to both 1) argue a point, and 2) sound as objective and as neutral as possible while you do.

Question 2

  • Explain what the gender pay gap is and how it has changed over time.
  • In the article, “The Gender Pay Gap: Challenging the Rationalizations,” (article attached), Lips argues that the human capital model is insufficient for understanding the persistence of the gender pay gap. Similarly, the AAUW report we read, “The Simple Truth About the Gender Pay Gap,”notes that the pay gap cannot simply be explained by different career and life choices men and women make. Why are the human capital and “choices” argument insufficient? What other factors, such as gender-based discrimination, explain the persistence of the gender pay gap?
  • Considering the consequences of the pay gap, for both women and men, why is it important to address this issue? Discuss the workplace policies you think would be most effective for reducing the pay gap between men and women.

Minimum 350 words.

Include references, APA

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