Economic Independence

After World War II, many people from formerly colonized or impoverished nations in Africa,

Asia and Latin America organized movements of national liberation and social revolution. In a

1200-word essay, select one of the nations listed below and explain what were its leaders’

successes and failures in navigating political and economic independence from 1945 to 1990.

This paper should be organized into three sections that describe:

1. how the liberation struggle developed in response to the colonial past

2. how leaders of the nation engaged international organizations and the superpowers

3. how its government responded to internal divisions/external threats and whether it

ultimately succeeded politically and/or economically.

Be sure to identify major events in the country’s mid-century history (1945-1990). Also, some

countries in Latin America were not technically colonies in 1945 but there were subject to

intense U.S. economic and military pressures. So, for Latin American countries, also Iran and

Egypt, should address how these countries’ leaders responded to lingering forms of economic


Choose One of the Following Countries

Note that each is a focus from at least one chapter of Prashad. Darker Nations:













Saudi Arabia

To get 100% on this, you MUST…

1. Draw specific references from the Prashad book. (Each of these countries is discussed at

length in at least one chapter.) At least two examples per section.

2. Draw examples from other assigned readings, at least two examples per section from

other assigned readings.

3. End with a conclusion that assesses the successes and failures of nation-building. What

were the causes of success and what were the causes of failure?

4. You may use one Wikipedia source for the assignment – pref. the page for your nation.

No more than two examples per section.


1. Begin research by starting with Prashad and then studying the Wikipedia page. This

should provide you with some basic details, maps, and pictures etc.

2. Listen in lecture for references to your nation. Lectures in weeks 6 – 8 will cover major

issues associated with the three sections.

3. No other outside research is needed.

Suggested Paper Structure:

Introduction – Introduce your thesis about successes and failures and why. (150 words)

Section 1 – 300 Words

Section 2 – 300 Words

Section 3 – 300 Words

Conclusion – 150 Words

• No works cited page needed.

• Use in-line citations: i.e. (Prashad, 235) or (Wikipedia – “Yugoslavia”) or (R34, 34).

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