Ecological System

Question 1

Taiga includes the largest contiguous forests on the planet and make up about _______ percent of all of Earth’s forests.

a. 50

b. 40

c. 30

d. 20

Question 2

When ecologists study the way energy is distributed over a food chain or the rate at which nutrients are recycled, they’re engaged in _______ in an effort to understand how the whole system works.

a)habitat ecology

b)systemic analysis

c)ecosystem ecology

d)biosphere studies

Question 3

Which planet is in the so-called “Goldilocks zone”?





Question 4

Where can the largest tropical forest on the planet be found?

a)Amazon Basin

b)Indian subcontinent

c)Congo Basin

d)Indonesian archipelago

Question 5

Which of these is a biotic factor in an ecological system?

a)Local climate

b)Chemical properties of an environment



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