EBP Report and Decision Making

For this assignment, you will complete a 2- to 3-page EBP report based on a case study. From the Institute for Healthcare Improvement source below, select one of the case studies related to improving healthcare:

Your report should include the following sections:

300-400 words explaining evidence-based practice and decision making.
Identify the case study you will examine.
EBP Steps:
Frame 2-3 questions based on the case study you chose to research.
Acquire evidence to help answer your questions. Identify 3-4 scholarly articles related to your question. The articles should be formatted properly within the body of your paper.
Appraise the evidence (scholarly articles). Analyze and explain how the selected articles answer your posed questions.
Integrate the information, make an informed decision based on your selected case study, and rationalize improvement of health outcomes.
Evaluate the effectiveness and efficiency in executing Steps 1-4 and provide ways to improve in the future.
200-300 words summarizing your findings and EBP process.
Assignment Expectations

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