Eating Habits

We will get a perspective of food plans from around the world and medical viewpoints. Select any three food plans found at the following:

  • Latin American, African, Vegetarian, Asian, and the Mediterranean diets are found at: Explore the Traditional Diets. (Each one of these food plans would count as one; for example, Vegetarian, Asian, and the Mediter- ranean diet would be three food plans).
  • Once here, click on the links at the left—Fruit, Grains,… to explore and amounts, types recommended of each of the food groups. Variety, amount, and nutrition are three important nutri- tion principles we will be focusing on during the term!
  • Harvard Medical School Healthy Eating Plate @ staying-healthy/healthy-eating-plate
  • Dr. Andrew Weil’s Anti-Inflammatory food pyramid @ nutrition/anti-inflammatory-diet-pyramid/what-is-dr-weils-anti-inflammatory-food- pyramid/

Below summarizes what is needed with possible points when comparing any three food plans that are listed above:

  1. In a chart/ table as shown below, summarize in your own words the
  • Three food plans you are comparing: (0 points for the assignment if this is not included)
    • Compare the food groups and the amounts in each food group for each plan. (Some meal plans do not list specific amounts of foods but may include how often to eat them or what the proportion is to a plate. This is the what you would include under the amounts.) (3 points x 3 meal plans = 9 points), and
    • List the uniqueness of each of the food plans. Provide detail. (3 points x 3 meal plans = 9 points)
  • List two recommendations that you would suggest for each of the three food plans.          For example, do you see anything that is lacking in the food plans? Is there

anything that you would change, if you were making a food plan while keeping within the framework of the food plan? (Adding meat, for example, would not be an appropri- ate recommendation for a vegetarian diet.) Include specifics of why you would make these recommendations.

(2 points x 3 meal plans = 6 points)

  • Which food plan do you agree with? Explain with specifics. (1 point) Total Possible: 25 points
 List the food plan you are comparing:List the food plan you are comparing:List the food plan you are compar- ing:
List the food groups and recommended amounts for each group   
Uniqueness of each of the food plans— what is different/ dis- tinctive with each of the food plans? Pro- vide detail.   
2 Recommenda- tions you suggest for each food plan. Include specifics for your rationale.   

c. Which Food Plan do you agree with? Explain with specifics. (1 point)

Food plan you agree withWhy?

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