Early Childhood Lesson Plan

1. Purpose: The purpose of this assignment is to create an activity that incorporates all aforementioned forms of creative arts we have discussed in class and from the text. This includes: visual arts, dramatic arts, music, and movement. You may also incorporate any of these approaches into an introductory or follow-up activity, in addition to your primary activity.

include a lesson for early childhood containing an introductory activity, primary activity, and follow-up activity. You will discuss your preplanning, materials needed, procedures, and how you would facilitate students learning.

3. Please include the following information (also found in p. 411-413):

Title of lesson
Learning objective
Grade level
Content areas and art forms
Standards addressed (Look up Common Core Standards or Sunshine State Standards)
Developmental skills addressed
Materials needed
Classroom setup
Arts skills builder (warm-up/introductory activity)
Follow-up activity
Habits of Mind that assisted you with this activity

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