Drug Abuse

Question 1

A student has to conduct research in schools as part fulfillment of his honors degree. He chooses 20 schools from which he intends to sample 200 learners. He is a part-time student. He has been so busy at work that he went on to approach schools without the approval of the Provincial Education Department. He kindly promises the schools that he will be donating funds if he is allowed to conduct his research there. He kindly promises the learners and parents that he will find a sponsor for uniform if the learners take part in his study.

This will benefit learners and parents a lot since they come from poor socio-economic backgrounds. No learner will benefit from the sponsor if they do not take part in the study. The postgraduate student does not say what the study is about except to mention that it is aimed at creating awareness with respect to drug abuse. Critically discuss research ethics in relation to the scenario above [50]

Question 2


One of the building blocks of the IASB/NZ conceptual framework is the qualitative characteristics of useful financial information. In the 2010 IASB released conceptual framework, the qualitative characteristics identified had two parts: fundamental and enhancing characteristics.


You are required to select a company (the firm) that is listed in any of the stock markets. Examine the firm’s General Purpose Financial Statement and show:

  1. How one fundamental characteristic is evident in the firm’s GPFS
  2. How two enhancing characteristics is not evident in the GPFS.
  3. From two (2) above, critically evaluate how the ‘absence’ of those characteristics influence decisionmaking.
  4. Recommendations on how a decision maker can overcome the absence of one of the characteristics identified in three (3) above.

Informed by Loftus et al (2018) Chapter 2

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