Domestic Terrorism in the US

Do you believe that domestic terrorism is still a threat in the United States? Why or why not?
Which do you believe is more dangerous to the American public, domestic terrorism or
international terrorism? Explain.

Reminder on Assignment Guidelines located in Syllabus

You will be asked to complete a written assignment for each chapter The assignment will be listed under each module. All papers are to be at least 500 words in length, double spaced, 12 font, Microsoft Word document. PDFS are not allowed. Documents will not be accepted in Works, Wordpad, or Wordperfect. Please do not submit papers in Microsoft Works Word Processor. It will be given a grade of a zero. No excuses. Please make sure you indent your paragraphs, double space your paper and include three sentences a paragraph. Please include an introduction and conclusion. Assignments should include a minimum of 2 references. When you make reference to research material in your paper, you must use appropriate source citations as found in the APA Publication Manual. Citing the book and author at the bottom of a posting is not enough. We need to be able to decipher your thoughts from the material. Consequently, please make sure to cite your textbook, cited examples from the Internet or scholarly sources from the library within the text in APA and include your works cited at the end of the post in APA. Please review and utilize the APA Publication Manual. Assignments are to be submitted by 11:59 pm central by the module deadline. Assignments will not be accepted late At the top of the paper please indicate your name and then skip a space and address the assignment

Fifty Points for each assignment and 700 points in total

Writing Tidbits

Please meet the word and page count for your paper
Please make sure to include an introduction and conclusion with the body of the paper clearly addressing all questions. The written assignments should be written as a formal paper
Please double space your paper, indent paragraphs, and include 3 or more sentences a paragraph
Please stay consistent and write in third person. Please do not use “I”
Please watch your spacing in the paper
Please watch for capitalization
Please spell check and watch for run on sentences (Word checks this for you. Please make appropriate edits. When a word is underlined in red is means the word is misspelled. When a sentence is underline in blue it means that there is something wrong with the sentence (typically a run on sentence) and the sentence needs to be reworded
Please indent all paragraphs.
When you reference in the paper you reference at the end of a sentence by author and year and you include a page number or location of paragraphs with quotes. The “period” comes after the citation at the end of a sentence and not before. All references used should have an author. For example
(Esmail, 2017). Or if it is a quote you would include a page number (Esmail, 2017,p. 1).

In APA format no more than 10% of the paper should be quoted. Your plagiarism score must be under 24%. Anything over will be given a grade of a 0.
References in the body of the paper should match the reference list at the end of a paper.
The reference list should be in APA format. You should be using only 3 type of references which include a peer reviewed article, books or a news story to provide additional examples
Reference of a peer reviewed article in reference list (Example)

Lyle, Perry and Ashraf Esmail. (2016). Sworn to Protect: Police Brutality-A Dilemma for America’s Police.

Race, Gender, Class. 23, 3-4, 155-185.

Book Citation (Example)

Esmail, Ashraf (2018). A Look at Police Brutality. University Press of America.

Reference of internet article in reference list (Example)

Last, F. M. (Year, Month Date Published). Article title. Retrieved from URL.

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