Diversity Awareness in Healthcare

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Because good writing is always a process, our persuasive essay will be written in two parts: a first draft due this week and a final draft due in week 6. Your paper should be 3-4 pages in length.

As you prepare, here are a few reminders for this week’s draft:

  1. In week 3 you posted a thesis for peer review. Use the revised thesis, based on your classmates’ and teacher’s feedback as the basis for your persuasive paper.
  1. Use your sources to support your thesis. Research and prepare the passages you will consider using. Remember to review methods of paraphrasing, summarizing, and using direct quotations.
  1. Prepare the body paragraphs by deciding where to place supporting information. Remember, each paragraph of the paper should act to build the momentum of the argument.
  1. Apply pathoslogos, and ethos whenever possible.
  1. Finally, remember that it’s okay if your ideas, opinions, or sources change during process of writing this paper. Writing makes us think, and it’s fine – even beneficial – to have our thoughts change as we express them on paper.

    the topic that I picked is

    Diversity awareness in healthcare – mandatory or voluntary
    example: Diversity is a fluid model, the one which is evolving within the humanity and shifting ideologies. Diversity can be a pillar of excellent leadership and governance. Within the healthcare system, diversity in headship or lack thereof has long-lasting impact on the care industry. By tradition, diversity is described as people of different ethnic setting and race. Gender too was linked with the diversity umbrella. But now, diversity encompasses huge spectrum including, lifestyles choices, ideas and life experiences such as gender, age, ethnicity, religion, race and cultural values. Discrimination has not only been a human and civil right offence but also a detrimental influence in the healthcare industry and its outcomes in the United States. Primarily due to immigration, Asian Americans have been one of the most ethnically and fastest growing groups in the United States. However, a multitude of various languages sets Asian Americans apart from other groups and this has interfered with the quality of healthcare being administered.

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