Discuss public/private law and the legal environment of business.

Assignment 4 (Outline)

The objective of this assignment:

·         Discuss public/private law and the legal environment of business.

·         Compare the American legal system to the international legal environment of business.

·         Recognize the principal legal and ethical issues facing managers.

·         Argue the importance of ethics and social responsibility in the business world.

·         Apply ethical frameworks to business situations.

·         Explore various types of philosophical reasoning and moral theories.

Primary Task Response: Your first task is to post your own Key Assignment Outline (Code of Conduct Plan) to the discussion area so that other students are able to review your plan. Attach your document to the main discussion post, and include any notes you feel are appropriate. The purpose of this assignment is to help improve the quality of the Key Assignment Draft (Code of Conduct Plan) you will complete next week.

Assignment 4A (1,200 to 1,500 Words)

Key Assignment

Over the past several weeks, you have been learning the various issues the ethical and legal challenges and factors involving your organization. Your task is to compose and submit an ethical code of conduct plan for your company that addresses the conduct of its employees, vendors, board of directors, key stakeholders, as well as its business operations in general. At this phase, you will be submitting a rough draft of this international business expansion plan for review by your instructor. Take the feedback into consideration from the instructor, and make any changes as you deem necessary.

Your ethical code of conduct plan which will be incorporated into your company’s international business expansion plan should include the different concepts and ideas that have been discussed over the past several weeks in this course. You are to submit a detailed plan covering your operations both nationally and internationally in addition to the conduct of its employees, vendors, board of directors, and its business operations overall. The following points need to be addressed in your ethical code of conduct plan:

·         The legal regulations of conducting business overseas

·         The ethical code of conduct for employees and vendors

·         Guidelines for adherence to EEOC, ADA, and Civil Rights laws

·         Distinguishing between right and wrong in business dealings and when an action is legal

·         Identifying the issues surrounding the motivation behind unethical or illegal business operations when the consequences are properly documented

·         The ethical responsibilities of companies in the marketplace if they are a monopoly or oligopoly.

Anything else that you deem important to support your ethical code of conduct plan. The code of conduct plan should be structured so as to be easily navigable for employees; including headings for each section, a clear description of expected and required behavior, training requirements, method of reporting of unethical or illegal behavior, and consequences of unethical or illegal behavior.


The deliverable length is 1,250–1,500 words. Don’t forget to include a cover page and reference page with all of your resources cited in APA format.

·         Your ethical code of conduct plan should demonstrate your understanding of the concepts and ideas covered throughout the course.

·         Ensure that the assignment adheres to APA formatting and that it meets the required deliverable length. Don’t forget to cite your resources.

Assignment 4B ( 2 to 3 pages)

Assignment  5B Draft

·         An introduction

·         Identification and History of the Issue/Problem

·         Evidence of outside research (data, quotations, statistics, all cited properly)

·         Multiple proposed solutions, with one of them recommended (which sums up the arguments) and call to action

·         Your draft should be 2 – 3 pages in length and use at least a minimum of 3 – 5 cited sources from the CTU Library or from Google Scholar.

·         Your Individual Project should contain a cover page, headers, page numbers, and be double-spaced using Times New Roman, Arial, or Courier fonts. The size of the font should be 12 point.

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