Discrete Variable

Question 1
A student was interested in the cigarette smoking habits of college students and collected data from an unbiased random sample of students. The data is summarized in the following table:
Males Surveyed 50 Females Surveyed 75
Males Who Smoke 20 Females Who Smoke 25
Males Who Do Not Smoke 30 Females Who Do Not Smoke 50
Why is the table NOT a frequency distribution?

A. The number of males does not equal the sum of males that smoke and do not smoke.

B. The classes are not mutually exclusive.

C. There are too many classes.

D. Class limits cannot be computed. Reset Selection

Question 2

The main purpose of descriptive statistics is to:

A. data in a useful and informative manner.

B. make inferences about a population.

C. determine if the data adequately represents the population.

D. gather or collect data. Reset Selection
Question 3
A poll of 1,000 voters used to predict the outcome of a statewide election is an example of:

A. descriptive statistics.

B. continuous variable measurement.

C. statistical inference.

D. deductive statistics. Reset Selection

Question 4

The number of fishing boats shipped from a manufacturer to a dealer each month is described as a:

A. random variable.

B. qualitative variable.

C. discrete variable.

D. continuous variable. Reset Selection

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