Disaster Recovery

Students shall research cybersecurity related news and identify a current event (from the past 6 months) that is related to Disaster Recovery or Business Continuity Planning. Students will read the current event and prepare a summary of the current event in the form of a one page paper. Papers must provide an overview of the current event, including the cogent points and most importantly any potential action that readers may take as a result of the current event (e.g. review plans, procure new services, refresh a compliance audit, etc).

The audience of your current event is Sr. Level Management (e.g. Vice President of company, CEO, etc) and should be tailored as such.

The following additional details are provided:

  •  Assignments must be in a professional format with the students name clearly designated on the document.
  • Font sizes shall be NO LARGER THAN 12 point.
  • Margins shall be One (1) Inch
  • Double spacing is required
  • Use of references, must be properly cited using APA writing style guides
  •   be graded on spelling and grammar in addition to content and appropriateness for “college-level” submissions

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