Direct Democracy

Write an essay in which you define initiative, referendum  recall, proposition 8 (Give some examples from the videos on proposition 8) .Give some examples in defining initiative, referendum and recall. Explain how these devices can affect minority groups. Base your essay on your reading of this essay Who Loses in a Direct Democracy? (Ryan T. Moore-Washington) .Be sure your essay shows evidence of reading and understanding the article.

Include in your essay:

1. Overview of what  the research  is about (This would be the abstract in the article)

2. Include some studies that have been done related to their research

3. Discussion on the data (their discussion on percentages found in relation to how minorities are on the losing side in an election involving propositions )

4. Briefly discuss the propositions 209 etc.(you may have to look  this information up- you comment on how you saw these propositions).

5. 6. Discuss the effect of the particular issues on the ballots that relates to groups such as Blacks, Latinos, and Asians and the effect it might have on them when they lose

7. You can discuss how you feel the system should be approve

8. You can discuss additional material from the article that you feel support what  the researchers are trying to say.

Basically you need a discussion or summary of each paragraph. * (Do not worry about discussing their graphs; just discuss how they saw their findings as they do discuss the percentages of the minority groups compared to whites in elections)



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