Digital Marketing


1.define digital marketing in your own words

2.This semester, we’ve covered some important challenges that digital marketers face with respect to ethical practices (e.g., privacy, discrimination, humane technology, etc.). Outside of these ethical issues and based on your learning this semester, discuss some other challenges you believe digital marketers face as it relates to the actual practice of digital marketing? In other words, what makes digital marketing difficult or a challenge? Clearly explain why.

3.Imagine you have started your own digital marketing agency to help small businesses in your community market themselves online. Small businesses typically have limited budgets and need to maximize impact for what they have to spend. Without using social media, prioritize the following in order of most important (#1) to least/less important (#3) for a small business to practice: email marketing, SEO and paid advertising. This assumes the small business has an existing website. Explain your answers. You may make assumptions if needed (be clear with your assumptions

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