Diffusion Process

Your Task:

  1. The Tropicana Twister are planning a promotional campaign to encourage the drinking of orange and fruit juices in the late afternoons – an occasion when many people reach for a soft drink.
    1. Describe how the organization can establish links between cultural, consumption-specific, and product-specific values gather useful knowledge for planning its campaign. (15 marks)
    2. Suggest how the organization can enhance the following consumer knowledge to gain competitive advantage. (25 marks)
  • Product Knowledge
  •  Purchase Knowledge
  •  Consumption and Usage Knowledge
  •  Persuasion Knowledge
  •  Self-Knowledge
  1. Identify five friends or respondents who have recently purchased a new model of cell phone (with some features that they consider to be “new”). Arrange to interview each of the individuals, one-at-a-time. Design appropriate questions before you conduct the interview. (60 marks)

Students should design their questions get the following information from their interview with their respondents. Then, write- up your interview for each of your respondent.

  1. Needs recognition
  2. Search for information
  3. Pre-purchase evaluation of alternatives
  4. Purchase
  5. Consumption
  6. Post-consumption evaluation
  7. Divestment

Example of questions

  •  Why did you select this cell phone over other cell phones that you were looking at or considering?
  •  Do you currently like the phone for the same reasons that you purchased, or have you found other reasons why you particularly like it?

This exercise gives students a great chance to converse about something important to mobile market consumer while using important concepts related to innovations and the diffusion process.

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