Dietary Principles

Question 1
1. Astronauts need sound nutrition to maintain health. What are the four dietary principles you would recommend astronauts to follow when they plan their diet? (hint: characteristics of a healthy diet)

2. Provide an idea you may have to help astronauts eat well during space flight. Please use your imagination and creativity. There is no right or wrong answer – you can talk about anything related to food and nutrition in space.

Question 2
Go to one of your favorite Fast Food Restaurants and “build a meal” that you might typically get. (If you don’t eat fast food, build a typical American fast food meal, to see what you’re missing.)


Comment on the nutritional value (or lack there of) of the meal. Please note specifics like fat, saturated fat, cholesterol, protein, carbohydrate, sugar, and sodium. Make suggestions/comments on alternatives (choose something healthier from the menu).

(200 word minimum)

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