Diary Entry

Question 1

Answer any 3 questions at the end of Chapter 1 in your textbook. Make sure your answers are complete and well thought out.

Find a current news story demonstrating the connection between global events and religion. Cite the source (including the Title of the story), tell what the event is about, and explain how this demonstrates the premise and thesis of Chapter 1 in our textbook.

1.Is religion a dying force/institution in society?

2. Which of these two are dominant in yourself? In your culture?

3. How does religion serve to define and/or coalesce a group’s identity? ”

No plagiarism apa style.

Luttio, Mark David. An Introduction to the Study of World Religions

Question 2

1. Explain the differences between the various Christological models of the New Testament Church.

2. Explain what the council of Nicea taught concerning the nature of Christ.

3.Identify and give examples of evidence that Jesus thought and spoke of himself as the Messiah/Christ prior to his resurrection.

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