Dialectal Tensions


First, find a clip from a show or film on YouTube of an interpersonal relationship that exemplifies each of the relational dialectics mentioned in your textbook (integration-separation, stability-change, expression-privacy). You should have three clips total, one for each relational dialectic. You may not use the ones already given to you in lecture or your readings. Be sure to copy and past the link in your assignment and give a brief description of the clip. Second, in your opinion, which strategy for managing dialectical tensions would be the most effective for each clip you found? Refer back to your textbook on strategies for managing dialectical tensions to assist you. Submit your assignment before the deadline provided to you. 

Textbook (relational dialectics)

Integration-separation – the conflicting desires for connection and independence

stability-change dialectics acknowledges that stability is an important need in relationships, but that too much of it can lead to feeling of staleness.

expression-privacy – Disclosure is one characteristic of interpersonal relationships. Yet, along with the drive for intimacy, we have an equally important need to maintain some space between ourselves and others. 

Textbook (strategies for managing dialectical tensions)








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