Developmental Disorders

Please answer all of the following questions in 250 words each with one source for each question.

 1. What do you see as some of the pros and cons of placing a child with ADHD on medication? Why would some refer to this as a behavioral diagnosis?

2. What are some of the concerns over the new Autism Spectrum Disorder Diagnosis? Why is this considered a neurodevelopmental disorder?

3.Rogers claimed that no one can really understand your experiential field.  Would you agree, or do you sometimes find that close friends or family members seem to understand you better than you understand yourself?  Are these relationships congruent?

4.Consider Rogers’ criteria for a successful marriage, which begins with commitment to the marriage.  Given the divorce rate (which studies now place at over 60%), and ongoing political debates about what marriage is or is not, what is your opinion of the status of marriage in society today? How can we apply our understanding of personality to enhance the quality of marriages? What does research tell us about the role of personality in marriage?

5. Describe the strengths and the weaknesses of REBT. For what type of patient to you believe it is best suited for and for what type of patient do you believe it is least suited for

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