Developmental Delay

Question 1

1, What is mindful interaction? Explain in detail with specific reference to the 10 Principles of Caregiving.

2. Why is the Head Start Program so important to a child’s development? What important roles does this program offer and what values does the program hold in highest regard

3. How might you communicate to parents that their three year old child has a developmental delay in recognizing objects?

4. Which of the nine principles of child development are the most important in your opinion and why?

5. What are the roles of adults in infant-toddler curriculum?

6, What kinds of interactions grow into the relationships that are so important in infant-toddler care and education?

Question 2

Find a news article pertinent to our class materials or discussion. Attach or embed a link to the article to your 1-2 page reaction paper. Papers without an actual article attached or linked will not be graded.

  • Briefly summarize the article and discuss how it relates to a concept or theory presented in class.
  • You must offer a critical analysis of how the criminological concept or theory can be applied to the “real world” situation.
  • In your critique, you may find support for the theory, or the real world example may refute the theory. Either way, you must provide your informed opinion of and reaction to the article. You must also broaden the context to other similar situations. In other words, what should we do with this information? What are the implications for crime control?

This paper should follow all regular formatting requirements (APA formatting,12-point, Times New Roman Font, proper grammar and paragraph structure).

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