Design Constraints

Deliverable Length:  3-5 pages 

Now that you have completed your Requirements Kick-off Meeting and understand the expectations of the client or customer, you must now provide an initial set of software/system requirements needed to capture the functions of the online banking services. Provide the following in this assignment:

  • Complete the introduction, references, and overall description to provide the start of your SRS document. Around 2–3 sentences per section will be expected.
  • Provide 5 specific requirements/functionality for Section 4, 1 requirement each for Sections 6–8, and 10, and for Section 9, provide 2–3 design constraints.
  • Provide at least 1 paragraph about your requirements verification process, methods, test, demonstration, analysis, and inspection methods used to perform verification.
  • Transfer all of your requirements created in the previous sections to a Matrix to be provided in Section 12; this will contain the CSCI requirement and the traceability of the requirement to the system.
    1. Introduction: This should provide an overview of the entire SRS and should have the purpose of the document and include the scope, definitions, acronyms, abbreviations, and any references that are applicable.
    2. References: Provide a list of all documented references in the SRS, and include the date or title report number.
    3. Overall Description: Describe the general factors that affect the airline reservation system product and its requirements; this provides a background for the requirements (product perspective, functions, user characteristics, constraints, etc.).
    4. Specific Requirements/Functionality: This section contains all of the “shall” requirements needed to identify the functions of the airline reservation system.
    5. Usability: This identifies requirements that affect usability.
    6. Reliability: Requirements affecting the reliability of the system should be listed here, such as availability, COOP, MTBF, MTTR, accuracy, maximum bugs, or defect rate.
    7. Performance: This section should include specific system response times for transactions of the airline reservation system, throughput, resource utilization, and so on.
    8. Supportability: The requirements affecting the supportability or maintainability of the system go in this section.
    9. Design Constraints: This may include architectural or design constraints, prescribed use of certain tools or procedures, purchased components, and software languages.
    10. Licensing: Any licensing enforcement requirements or other usage restrictions on the airline reservation software are listed here.
    11. Requirements Verification: This section states the requirements verification process, methods, test, demonstration, analysis and inspection methods used to perform verification.
    12. Requirements Traceability: This contains the CSCI requirement and the traceability of the requirement to the system.

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