Design Challenges

In this self‐reflective assignment, you will examine design challenges. Spector (2014) claims “All organizations, regardless of their histories, strategies, and competitive environments, rely on some type of control mechanisms to help shape employee behaviors. They need to deploy control mechanisms, however, without losing requisite levels of creativity and innovative response from the employees whose behaviors they are attempting to influence” (p. 80).


Use any readings in the course to build a vocabulary of design change in order to improve performance in an organization of your choosing.

  • Select a nonprofit, private company, or governmental agency on which to base this assignment.
  • List 3‐5 redesign challenges facing your organization, particularly in the context of operating in a globalized world of business, technologies, and communication—all of which impact how people act. Explain how these challenges will affect your organization. Justify why you selected these particular redesign challenges.
  • What evaluation, performance, or control mechanism would you suggest to this organization that would inspire innovation and motive employees?
  • Back up your facts, assumptions, ideas, and claims with at least two scholarly sources. You may not use any required reading in this course to meet this requirement. 
  • Your paper should be 4‐5 pages in length, well written,
  • APA

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