Depression in Late Adulthood

You will work in groups of three to research and deliver a 10-minute (maximum) presentation related to the impact of one experience on psychosocial development in a specific period of the lifespan and into the future.

During your tutorial, you and your partner will be assigned a topic from the Topic List included in this document. Your designated topic will impact the timing of your presentation delivery.

As part of your presentation, you MUST:

1.    Describe how the experience impacts psychosocial development during that particular period of the lifespan AND into the future.

2.    Describe how the relevant health professional (registered nurse or paramedic) can promote well-being of, and/or minimise harm to, individuals impacted by the experience. If you are a student nurse please focus on the registered nurse, and if you are a paramedicine student please focus on the paramedic in your answer.

  • You may select your own group, however you and your team members MUST be enrolled in the same tutorial (same enrolled day and same enrolled time).
  • You and your team members should contribute equally to the research AND delivery of the presentation. You and your team members’ final mark for this assessment item will be the same unless a SIGNIFICANT ISSUE is brought to the attention of your course convenor 3-4 WEEKS IN ADVANCE of your presentation due date.
  • Presentations will occur in your enrolled tutorial between weeks 5 – 11. The timing of presentations will be finalised with your tutor.
  • You will be given an opportunity to prepare for your oral presentation in your enrolled tutorial during weeks 1 – 4.
  • Presentation details:
  • Your presentation MUST include the use of PowerPoint slides. A suggested structure for your PowerPoint presentation can be found in the document called Suggested Structure for Powerpoint Presentation.
  • Your presentation MUST include a title slide (which includes your name) at the start of the presentation AND a reference list on the final PowerPoint slide (see Suggested Structure for Powerpoint Presentation and Marking Criteria).
  • The reference list MUST include a MINIMUM of five (5) scholarly sources that were used in researching your topic. Of your five (5) scholarly sources, a MINIMUM of two (2) scholarly sources MUST be journal articles. APA 6th referencing style MUST be used.

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