Department Store Operation

You are working for a local department store in the Operations Department.

You are asked by your supervisor to create a visual presentation with a timeline of digital growth in the organization and compare it to the digital growth in society in general. In discussing this project with your boss, it is clear that digital growth can refer not only to Internet and computers, but it can also refer to other aspects of business operations such as cash registers, phone services, advertisements, various tools for communication, etc. 

are told that the timeline can be in any visual format that you choose.

For this timeline, you are to reflect and address the following sets of questions:

What is digital growth? Where is the company now in terms of digital growth?

What are some examples of technological advances that could be used in a department store operation?

What are some possible advantages and disadvantages of using advanced technology?

What is Big Data? How might Big Data be used in this business?

What are some possible advantages and disadvantages of the store using Big Data?

Do you believe that updating technology and business practices will be advantageous? Why or Why not?

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