Deontology Ethical Dilemma

Instructions:  Go to the Week 7 Assignment for the Research Paper and read the Instructions for the paper thoroughly.  Then complete each item below by answering each question in the space provided.  Save this as a WORD Document using your name and Assignment.  Example:  JonesWk5ResearchOutline.docx. Submit this completed Assignment to the Week 5 Assignment dropbox

The maximum point value for each item is stated. Actual points will be awarded by your instructor with feedback.


  1. (5 pts)5  State the name of the company you have selected for your Week 7 Research Paper.

Ford Motor Company

  •  (5 pts) 5The company you have chosen to write about (no. 1 above) made a business decision –chose a course of action – which adversely affected others as well as the company.  The company was faced with an ethical dilemma. As you have learned, an ethical dilemma is a conflict between alternatives where neither alternative is desirable. Choosing either one will compromise something. Each choice will have its downside: it could compromise ethics, cause ethical problems, cause harm, raise difficult questions, and lead to an undesirable situation.  Ideally, the decision maker would do both acts or neither, but he cannot. He has to choose, and can only choose one.  The dilemma is being confronted with these undesirable choices.   In a single, well-crafted sentence, state the ethical dilemma that was presented in your chosen company’s situation.

Ford Motor Company knowingly put the lives of its Pinto model owners at risk when they made the decision to ignore the serious fire and safety concerns, a decision made after following their cost- benefit analysis.

  • (5 pts) Name and briefly define the ethical framework you will discuss in your Research Paper as an alternative to Milton Friedman’s free market ethics.

The ethical framework that will be discussed is Deontology. Deontology focuses on the ethical decisions made based on the leader(‘)s influence and moral obligations. The leaders influence then impacts the decisions of those made in the organization.

  • (15 pts)9 need these separate from the original list concerning the Pinto List the three (3) additional legal topics you will discuss in your Research Paper with respect to your selected company.  Remember, none of these should relate to antitrust or consumer protection issues.  Be specific.  Simply stating “torts,” for example, does not define a topic. Which type of tort?

·                 Not meeting the safety standard set by the National Highway Traffic Safety    Administration in 1971

·                 The risk/ benefit analysis that puts a price on human life

·                 The disregard of safety concerns

  • (70 pts)65 need 8 Starting on the next page, list in an APA formatted Reference list, at least seven (7) credible references you will use for your Week 7 Research Paper.  (It is understood you might add more references on your final list on the final paper or that you might need to amend some references.)  Use APA Guidelines.  This list should look like the Reference list as it appears at the end of an APA paper.

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