Democracy and Liberty

Question 1

Do you believe the rise of globalization and increased inequality in the United States have created a stable environment for democracy and liberty to thrive?Why or why not?

Connect your answer to concepts regarding democracy and liberty you have learned in this class so far. Then address the recent victory of President Donald Trump – how does his victory relate to globalization and inequality?

How does his victory relate to liberty and the potential for it to thrive or decline during his administration?

What does the Trump victory say about the state of American Democracy to you?NOTE – expect there to be a lot of diverse and conflicting opinions regarding this question, and please keep the discussion at a mature, respectful, and accepting of alternative perspectives level.

Question 2

After close examination of the assigned readings on social determinants of inequality, discuss your thinking about what you have read. What do you find agreeable or useful, and what elements of these concepts are you critical of? How are these factors related to global conflict and the conduct of warfare? please ensure this is based on this reading material. minimum of 250 words 

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