Delivery Service

Question 1

  1. Fedex is one of the success IT implementers in the world. The evolution of the IT usage in Fedex has proven that IT is one of the main tools of business success. Using Fedex IT strategy, discuss how Malaysian-owned Freight Delivery Service companies could be transformed to be at least at par with Fedex’s position. ( 20 marks)
  2. Discuss how Fedex could help the aims of transforming Malaysian Electronic-based Business become reality. (20 marks)
  3. From the case, discuss how IT strengthens Fedex’s position in the industry. Please include the issues below in your discussion (20 marks)
  1. How can IS/IT build barriers to entry?
  2. How can IS/It build in switching costs for customer?
  3. How can IS/IT change the basic of competition?
  4. How can IS/IT generate new products/services?
  5. How can IS/IT change the balance power in supplier/customer relationship?

Question 2

You are required to create a new product/service that will be beneficial to the society. Please provide your business model to support your endorsement for your new product/service. You are required to use the business concept taught in class.

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