Decomposer Function

Question 1

______play a crucial role in releasing nutrients essential for plant growth to the soil.

a. Decomposers

b. Herbivores

c. Parasites

d. Producers

Deep in the ocean off the shore of Japan are communities nestled around hydrothermal vents where super-heated water springs from the bottom of the ocean. No sunlight ever penetrates to these deep regions. In these communities, bacteria have special enzymes that allow them to form organic matter by chemosynthesis. These communities frequently have worms, clams, shrimp, and many other organisms clustered together.

Question 2

Chemosynthesis is

a. a consumer that eats a producer.

b. a producer exists using the energy from inorganic chemicals.

c. a green pigment.

d. not producers in the ecosystem

Question 3

In such a system, fish feed on shrimp that feed on the bacteria. This food chain represents a:

a. tertiary consumer eating a secondary consumer eating a primary consumer

b. primary consumer eating a secondary consumer eating a tertiary consumer

c. consumer eating a producer which then consumes chemoautotrophic bacteria

d. secondary consumer eating a primary consumer which then eats a producer

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