Decision Tree

Question 1

Asset allocation

This is a decision tree that you need to calculate probabilities scenarios using decision tree and risk analysis.

Assuming we have 50,000 to invest in stock, 10-year Treasury bonds, alternative investment (investing in real estate, startups or crypto-currency), and given the return and probability of achieving those returns in these assets (we need to do some research on the returns of each of these asset classes), how do we make the decision of where to invest? Our goal would be in the next 10 years, we can generate enough money to *protect* against inflation, for kids attending top-school in college (MIT, Harvard, Stanford, for example), and for an emergency situation (healthcare problems or natural disaster that might happen to us).

Question 2

use the case in the book page 36-42, and the content in chapter 12 answer the question. No extra source, just use the book to answer the question. The answer should be over 275 words but not exceed 400 words.

  1. What are the bases of power that Sharma appears to rely upon (3 marks) and what effect is this likely to have on his employees (3 marks)? What would be a more effective approach, and why (4 marks)? 

Question 3

Do you have some examples from your own life or workplace when risk planning was not done? What were the consequences? Can you reduce risk to zero?

Do you agree with this statement – With proper initiation and integration, it is possible to eliminate most/all risks from a project? Why?

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