Debate Paper

Purpose: To develop and practice the skills of compiling credible sources for use in

your final papers.


After selecting a topic for either your team debate/argumentation paper (See

Canvas for list of topics) you will compile an individual bibliography of sources

to be used as potential backing to your claims used in that debate/paper.

Under each citation in the bibliography should be a comprehensive paragraph

(otherwise known as an annotation) that identifies the following things.


Why is this source of information credible?


How does the information in this source specifically relate to your topic?


How could this information be used to support your claims?

Bibliography Requirements:

Bibliography should contain at least 5 sources.

Paper should be in proper MLA format.

Uploaded to Canvas by the start of class on the due date.

Helpful Tips:

Annotations should be clear and concise. You do not need to make a

comprehensive argument using each source. Just provide information on

how the source


be useful. 2-3 sentences is fine.

You are not required to use this information in your papers, but it is

recommended you do so.

Consider including sources that can be used to support BOTH sides of a

argument. Being able to address counterarguments is a key factor to success

in any critical thinking situation.

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