Data Encryption Standard


Ciphers and Encryption – Please respond to the following:

  • Examine the different types of applications of the stream cipher and the block cipher. Select the one (1) that you would prefer to use and describe it in a post. Justify your response. Use Internet references published within the past [1] year.
  • Examine the major strengths and weaknesses and the various applications of Data Encryption Standard (DES). Recommend what you believe to be the best application for DES and describe it in a post. Provide a rationale for your response. Use Internet references published within the past [1] year.


Several institutions, including the craft store Hobby Lobby and Wheaton College in suburban Chicago, have opted to decline birth control coverage to their employees or students because birth control use violates the religious principles of the governing organization.  In the case of Wheaton College, the college has decided to end all student health care coverage in order to avoid violating the regulations of the Affordable Care Act.

In your view , are these institutions behaving ethically?  (There is no RIGHT answer! You will  be graded  on the strength of your thinking and writing, not on the position you take.)

Write a persuasive essay of at least 800 words that outlines your views  on the ethics of this controversy.   Use at least 2 resources to support your position.

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