Data Collection


    A   researcher collects data for relationship between daily exercise an   individual gets and the body fat % of individual. The researcher thanks that   exercise decreases % body fat. The following scores are recorded. The regression equation for this data with the exercise as predictor and percent body fat as outcome is Y = -0.476 x + 33.272 Individual 1 2 3 4 5 Exercise (mins) 10 18 26 33 44 % body fat 30 25 18 17 14 Conduct Null hypothesis significance test to determine whether exercise is correlated with percent body fat. Remember to describe relationship between these variables. Calculate and interpret the coefficient of determination for this data. If a   person exercises for 20 mins daily what would his or her predicted body fat% be?    


What is the power of each of the following studies, using a t test for dependent means (based on the .05 significance level)? To complete this question review the chart located on #8 pg. 270. 

The chart is read as: 

Study Effect Size N Tails 

a) small 20 one 

b) medium 20 one 

c) medium 30 0ne 

d) medium 30 two 

e) large 30 two

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