Daily Schedule

Question 2

Interview your cooperating teacher/mentor about the following aspects of your cooperating classroom. Use the discussion to prepare for the student teaching experience. Your interview questions and observations should review the following:

  1. The best methods for communicating with your cooperating teacher.
  2. Their school philosophy, policies, calendar, and daily schedule.
  3. The “Professional Dispositions” including expectations regarding dress, behavior, etc.
  4. Required reports and recordkeeping, grading standards, and discipline procedures.
  5. District/school resources provided based upon the learning expectations.
  6. Expectations for students, routines, procedures, and an established classroom management plan.
  7. Additional questions as appropriate.

In 250-500 words, summarize and reflect upon your interview and explain how you will use your findings in your student teaching practice and future professional practice. Consider the following:

  • What surprised you the most about your cooperating/mentor teacher’s responses?
  • How do the “Professional Dispositions” align to your cooperating/mentor teacher’s responses?
  • How can you apply your findings to your future professional practice? What policies and routines might you replicate in your own future classroom?

Question 2

please answer this question without resources

* What are your value? beliefs? (about education, power, race…)

* How have power and race intersected with your experiences? (benefits, disadvantages…)

* Where would you begin the deconstruction process with yourself/classroom/school? Please explain..

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