Customized Approach

Question 1

Refer back to the brand chosen for the Week 1 assignment.

Discuss each of the following questions in 175 to 350 words each:

  • How is your brand marketed in different countries? Does it use a standardized or customized approach?
  • Assess your brand’s global branding success against the Ten Commandments of Global Branding as provided in Figure 14.5 (Keller).
  • How has your brand’s marketing evolved in response to changing social, demographic, and ethical issues?

Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines.

Question 2

Choose a franchised brand of food operations with which you are very familiar. Assume you are going to purchase a franchise. Consider why you would choose that brand. How would you assess the value of its brand for your own business purposes? Do you feel that an Interbrand Value Assessment would be useful? Would it be enough? Would it measure the things that are important to you as a potential franchisee? What would you want to see in addition to Interbrand’s assessment, if anything?

1 pg APA

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