Customer Service

What is the problem?

The most crucial aspect of providing stellar customer service involves being able to define the problem so you can prioritize the solution(s). It only takes one or two interactions with a customer service department that cannot understand what the problem is and thus cannot resolve it for a customer to lose confidence in a company’s support system. Experiencing issues with a customer service department can cause a lack of trust for the customer and result in the customer taking their business elsewhere.

Using the 5 W’s from the CSR Tool Belt see if you can resolve the following problem.

Scenario: Using the 5 W’s in a Live Chat

Company overview: AutoBill is a service which aggregates all of your bills in one central file and pays them all for you based on several different options: customers can pay by one monthly check sent to AutoBill’s offices through regular mail, directly online using a checking account direct debit, or by using a credit card or debit card either online, or over the phone.

The following interaction takes place on AutoBill’s Live Chat on a Monday morning:

After entering their account number, and selecting “Live Chat now”, the following appears:

CSR: This is Gabriel. How may I help you today?

Female Customer: I need to know how to pay this bill as there is no address on the bill.

CSR: What address did you use previously on your last bill?

Female Customer: I didn’t.



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