Customer Relationship


Answer the following  questions thoroughly in 2 pages

1. How valuable was Norma to Filene’s Basement? What value did she provide to the retailer? 

2. How valuable was Filene’s Basement to Norma? What value did it provide in her life? 

3. How would you characterize Norma’s relationship with Filene’s Basement? What type of relationship does she have? What are its rules of engagement? How did those rules emerge and change over time? What are the critical inflection points in the relationship and how did they shape the type of relationship that emerged and its value to each of the parties? 

4. Should Filene’s Basement have fired Norma? Why or why not? If yes, on what grounds? If no, what else could Filene’s Basement have done? What responsibility does Filene’s Basement bear for creating and/or encouraging Norma’s “bad behavior”? What could they have done differently to forge a different relational trajectory. \


According to Rolando et al. (2012), “alcohol socialization is the process by which a person approaches and familiarizes with alcohol learns about the values connected to its use and about how, when and where s/he can or cannot drink.”

Based on the focus group findings, describe what the first drink means in both Italy and Finland, and what types of attitudes are connected with different types of socialization processes. Respond to two posts identifying how positive values can be connected to first memories of drinking.

minimum 200 words

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