Customer Demographics


1. Management can be defined as ” A process of bringing about improvement in knowledge, skill, habit and attitudes of the employees in an organization”. Discuss.

2. “Decision making is the most critical managerial task.” Discuss the above statement in light of decision-making process.

3. Select a business or political leader whom you admire, and identify his or her style of leading by applying the managerial grid or the continuum-of-behaviour model of Tannenbaum and Schmidt.

4. ‟The only planning tool we need in the company is the budget. If everyone meets his or her budget, we need nothing else, and management by objectives would be an unnecessary frill”. Comment.


1. Explain the recent trends in marketing concepts, also discuss the factors that a marketing manager must take into account while developing the marketing mix for the below mentioned products. I. Female cosmetics, II. Children health drinks and III. Adult bike.

2. ‘Every change in the political and legal environment creates an adjustment problem for the marketers’ – as a budding manager what is your opinion about this statement and suggest a suitable strategy to adopt successful and smooth running of your business.

3. In designing an advertising campaign for a soft drink, which would you find more useful; information about consumer demographics or 3

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