Customer Centricity

The assignment is based on the case from HBR “EMC 2 : Delivering Customer Centricity, by Thomas Steenburgh and Jill Avery, May 2, 2011”.
The case is about selling in a complex B2B space in a changing business and competitive environment. Besides reading the case, you will need to conduct external research to support your answers to the following questions.
Question 1
(a) Discuss three (3) key practices that have made EMC a successful sales organization.    (15 marks)
(b) Examine and discuss EMC’s personal selling approaches.    (15 marks)
Question 2
(a)Examine and discuss EMC’s sales channel strategy.    (13 marks)
(b) Explain how have the Internet, social media and Web2.0 technologies changed the way B2B customers buy.    (14 marks)
(c) Discuss how should EMC’s salesforce respond to the changes you have described in part (b).    (13 marks)
Question 3
(a) Describe how you would structure the EMC sales organization now that it had become difficult for a single account manager to adequately service a customer’s need across the diverse hardware, software and consulting product offerings of EMC. Develop the proposed organization chart in your answer.    (15 marks)
(b) Assume that you have taken the role of a Sales Manager of EMC in Singapore. Analyse and write the job description of a salesperson whom you intend to hire as a member of your sales team to sell the wide range of EMC products.    (15 marks)

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