Curriculum Pathways

Our study of Chaucer will begin with an examination of his poetic structures. Using the “Prologue” of The Canterbury Tales, you will begin to explore the poetic devices and meaning of a representative Middle English poem and will be able to recognize important characteristics of the poetry from this period.


  1. Follow this link to SAS Curriculum Pathways InterActivity 874. Enter melody9off in the Student User Name and click Log in to begin (a password is not needed). Once signed in, enter 874 in the QuickLaunch (QL) box to open the activity.
  2. Proceed through the activity, following the directions and exploring the links provided.
  3. Complete all written responses. Be sure to print and/or save all your work to submit.
  4. When finished, submit your activity here.

-click the link

-write sena to the username

-there are 4 sections to the top,

-sound, images, meaning, analysis


-start with the sound, at the bottom there are section 1 through 5 if you click it goes to the other page

– look at the all of the pages 1-5 and at the and there is a respond section click and answer that question


-section 2 is image click the images section

– in this section there are 1-3 pages

– in the first page there is one respond section

– and there is one respond section in the 3 page.

answer them all


in the meaning section, there are 12 pages

answer the 3rd 4th 7th 8th 9th 10th 11th page you will answer the respond section not the multipalchoice


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