Current Public Health

Discussion Prompt:

For this assignment, search for a current public health issue discussed in the news (written or video format) to share in the discussion board forum. You may use the same public health issue as a peer, but the source must differ. COVID and Monkey Pox are trending topics, but there are many other infectious diseases, outbreaks, and epidemiological crises – branch out regionally, nationally, or globally in your searches. Provide a direct link or upload a copy of the news sources in your 500-word or less response. Use supporting evidence and epidemiological terms (course test/outside sources), discourse on the following:

  • A description of the public health concern
  • A discussion on how it impacts population health in your community and its relevancy, including both positive and negative perspectives
  • Conduct a quick fact-check by addressing the credibility of the source
  • Assess the public’s awareness/understanding of the issue
  • Note which population/s are especially vulnerable and why
  • Acknowledge what one (1) or more public health authorities are reporting on the issue
  • Lastly, how will you, as an advanced practice nurse, address/resolve the issue

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