Current Global Economic Issues


  1. To explore economic issues facing the world economy
  2. To evaluate the impact of the pandemic and the long-term damage it has dealt to prospects for growth.
  3. To suggest solutions/strategies to improve the current issue (Solutions can involve individual actions, economic or political strategies).

Guidelines :

  • Write an editorial for a newspaper that tries to persuade the reader the need for urgent action to cushion the pandemic’s health and economic consequences, protect vulnerable populations and set the stage for a lasting recovery:
    • The report should be (750 – 1000 words) and include all the following deliverables.
      • Introduction that establishes the main issue/position to be argued
      • Analysis that addresses the challenges posed by informality and implements reforms that support strong and sustainable growth once the health crisis decreases. 
      • A conclusion that includes your stance on the topic and suggested strategies, as based on the evidence presented.
  • The last page (not counted towards the word count) should include a list of references in APA formatting style
    • A minimum of 4 sources with supporting evidence should be used. 
    • The sources should be credible and reliable, books, institutional and educational websites, and with minimum of 2 from peer-reviewed journals. 
    • All external sources should be cited in-text according to APA formatting style and a reference list (of sources used) should be provided, see link for formatting.

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