Current Economic Issues


Select the sample below that best demonstrates how to incorporate a citation directly within a sentence, for information that has been summarized or paraphrased. 

Smith implied the assumptions of the research indicated a problem… (Smith, 2004). 

After completing her research, Mary (2010) indicated her dislike for… (Peters, p. 34).

Peters (2010) stated the results of the study directly correlated with current economic issues…

ABC Corporation (Smith, 2013) was operating on a significantly reduced budget…


Within the body of the text, how many spaces follow a sentence ending punctuation? 

May use one, two, or three spaces; however, spacing must be consistent throughout the document.

Three spaces

Two spaces

One space


Every integrated quotation should have the following: 

The authors exact words followed by location of where quote was found

Authors last name and date of publication

A signal phrase, the quotation, parenthetical citation

Authors last name, quotation marks, exact date of quote

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