Current Condition

Question 1

The silicates are the most common minerals in the Earth.

Select one:

a. True

b. False

Question 2

What is a single-chain silicate?

Select one:

a. Silicon-oxygen tetrahedrons that are connected in a chain due to oxygen bonding to other oxygen.

b. Silicon-oxygen tetrahedrons that are connected in a chain because they are sharing oxygen.

Question 3

What is a silicon-oxygen tetrahedron?

Select one:

a. An oxygen surrounded by four silicon

b. A silicon surrounded by four oxygen

c. A silicon surrounded by two oxygen

d. An oxygen that can have a random amount of silicon attaching to it.

Question 4

Why are there more silicon relative to oxygen in Figure 2?Select one:a. Figure 2 has more oxygen than figure 1

b. There are more silicon atoms in Figure 2 than in Figure 1

c. Polymerization has occurred in Figure 2, where the oxygen are being shared between tetrahedrons

d. In Figure 1, the oxygen are sharing with surrounding tetrahedrons

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