Culture of Success

Write a synthesis essay on the 3 attached article, which presents your informed stance or opinion—your position—on any issue pertaining to the topic of “Social Class and Inequality.”

  1. Born poor and smart
  2. Culture of success
  3. The war against the poor instead of the Programs to end Poverty

Topics can be ranged from “the role social class plays in achieving success,” to “what individuals in poverty can do to improve their chance of success”; from “decreasing or eliminating the gap between the poor and the rich,” to “what we as society should do to combat poverty.”

Please specify what topic you chose


  1. Your introduction will (1) announce the topic, (2) provide background information essential to the readers’ understanding of the topic, and (3) state your thesis, which will be a direct assertive statement of your judgement or opinion on the issue of poverty. While presenting background information on the issue, briefly introduce the articles and synthesize relevant information from them.
  2. In the body paragraphs of your essay, you will use synthesis to support your thesis. Draft your essay by quoting, paraphrasing, or summarizing relevant supporting information from the articles, and synthesize this information in your own text. Avoid simply presenting information that you found in the reading sources; make sure to add your own commentary. Remember, a synthesis is NOT a compilation of summaries.

Be sure that each paragraph:

  • Begins with a topic sentence that states a particular point or reason in support of the thesis.
  • Includes specific passages from one or more sources (summarized, quoted, or paraphrased) that provide evidence for the topic sentence.
  • Includes your discussion of the material and explaination of how the passages support the point stated in the topic sentence.
  1. In your conclusion, avoid a simple summary of the main points of your essay. Wrap up the content of your essay by (1) stressing the significance of your thesis; (2) predicting the consequences of your ideas; (3) calling your readers to action; or (4) ending with a question, an anecdote, or a quotation.


1. The essay needs to be written in the MLA format & should be at least 1,300 words (not including the brief presentation)

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